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  Educational and Recreational Materials

York Audubon Society will also sponsor Audubon Adventures programs for elementary schools in York County, Pennsylvania.  For more information on programs available visit http://www.audubon.org/educate/aa/  then contact York Audubon Society
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Not sure if you can make a difference around your home?  Please check the free information available at "Audubon at Home" and create a Healthy Yard and Explore your Backyard.



Prices for the following books include shipping. Send checks payable to:  “Audubon Pennsylvania”. Mail check with your request to: Audubon Pennsylvania, 100 Wildwood Way, Harrisburg, PA  17110.
Questions?  Call 717-213-6880 Ext.14

  Pennsylvania Songbirds is a K–12 teacher’s guide for activities in the classroom including lessons, activities, materials, background information, research projects, and innovative ideas. Subjects include bird biology and ecology, habitat, observing & identifying songbirds, migration, songbird research techniques, birds & people, and action. 380 pages.  Standards in the Pennsylvania Standards on Environment and Ecology are addressed*.   $25
  *Act 48 Workshops: Teachers, college students, and youth leaders who want to include environmental education in their curriculum are encouraged to attend a PA Songbirds workshop. Please contact the Pennsylvania Game Commission at for more information.
  APATH - Audubon Protecting Animals Through Habitat: Native Plants in the Creation of Backyard, Schoolyard, and Park Habitat Areas (2003) is a 75-page guide to developing a wildlife habitat garden at home, work, the community park, or the local schoolyard.  APATH guides the reader through the progressive stages of planning a habitat garden and developing an understanding of wildlife needs. A detailed list of Pennsylvania native plants useful to wildlife is provided, along with helpful hints and techniques.  $10
  The Audubon Guide to Gardening for Life in Southeastern Pennsylvania  (2005). Residents of southeastern Pennsylvania are faced with challenges that are also found in other parts of the northeast: excessive water, invasive plants, deer, over-development, and more.
The Guide to Gardening for Life offers 84 colorful pages with informative essays and companion profiles of noteworthy residents who have successfully tackled problems and created habitat spaces that are non-toxic and wildlife-friendly. Each chapter is summarized with helpful At Home Actions (AHA!) and includes tips from the profile subjects.

**For this publication only: Please email Steven Saffier for price and ordering information: ssaffier@audubon.org

Managing White-tailed Deer in Forest Habitat From an Ecosystem Perspective; Pennsylvania Case Study; Report of the Deer Management Forum. 2005. Convened by Audubon Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Habitat Alliance to compile and examine the pertinent research, enlist other expertise, weigh the issues, and set forth a vision of what ecosystem-based deer management might entail in large forested areas of the eastern United States, using Pennsylvania as an example.  $20.

Find sections of the report in PDF format at http://pa.audubon.org/deer_report.html#exec.

    Project Mayfly: Guide to the Determination of Water Pollution in Local Waterways, Secondary School Level (1988) is a 94-page water study curriculum guide. Concepts include monitoring the health of streams, rivers, and lakes, using illustrations to identify aquatic organisms, and making judgments about the health of aquatic environments. On sale for $4

The Susquehanna River Birding and Wildlife Trail Guide is an 85-page guide that identifies and describes more than 200 locations where wildlife or bird-watching activities can take place in 39 Pennsylvania counties within the Susquehanna River watershed.
Readers are introduced to the many natural wonders found in Pennsylvania — from old growth forests to lush wetlands to vast grasslands – via State Park and Forest sites, State Gamelands, wild areas, trails, vistas, rail-trails, and scenic drives described in the guide and accompanying website http://www.pabirdingtrails.org/
Also find information on wildlife watching ethics, observation tips, the seasonality of Pennsylvania birds, tourism information, and bird and mammal lists.  John James Audubon artwork accents this helpful and informative guide.  $9

  For other items of interest such as field guides, videos, optics, shade-grown coffee, gifts and collectables, please visit the National Audubon Society Marketplace.

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