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Photos of Past Events

Barn Owls
We witnessed the banding of barn owl babies at a farm near East Berlin on July 3rd. The nest box has been successful for over 20 years. The farm is owned by long-time YAS members, and the PA Game Commission fellow was very accommodating.... he took a little camera up the ladder to photograph the babies before they were banded!
Barn Owls

Annual Christmas Bird Count

Our Christmas Bird Count was a success with over 80 species identified and we have 23 volunteers helping.

The York Audubon Club sponsored the annual Christmas Bird Count. Our area is a 7.5 mile radius centered around Codorus State Park. Don't hesitate to participate next year because you feel that you may not have enough experience. We all started sometime, and you can be paired with a more experience birder - a great way to learn.   


Christmas Bird Count

Interesting Christmas Bird Count Facts

Did you know the first Christmas Bird Count was held in 1900, with 27 participants in 25 count areas, from Toronto, Ontario to Pacific Grove, California. They counted 90 species with a total of 18,500 individual birds. Over 100 years later the tradition continues.

The predecessor of the Christmas Bird Count was a holiday tradition known as the ‘Christmas Side Hunt’. Participants would pick sides or teams and see who could bring back the biggest feathered bounty. As the Audubon Society was just beginning, it was decided that it would be better to count birds than shoot them, and since then the Christmas Bird Count has grown.

Codorus Observation Codorus Observation
Newly completed wetland observation platform at Codorus State Park located off of the Mary Ann Furnace Trail. York Audubon Society contributed the material and hardware to have the new platform built.
Codorus Observation Codorus Observation

YAS President Tom Smith and York City Mayor Kim Bracey.  The York City Mayor and the York County Commissioners made a proclamation declaring May 20, 2010 Audubon Day in York City and York County, recognizing the efforts and involvement of school students at William Penn HS and Hannah Penn MS.  Other partners include Penn State Extension Master Gardeners, 4-H, York City Parks and Recreation, PA Audubon and York Audubon Society (Left). York Audubon Society members have their picture taken with our friend Filbert from Isaac's (Right).

1 York County Commissioners reading the Proclamation declaring May 20, 2010 Audubon Day in York County.

Photos from the York Audubon Society banquet held on April 10, 2010.  Recognition awards given to Annette ayer for being responsible for the newsletter, Bill Del Grande for overseeing the Christmas Bird Count and the 2010 Conservation Award given the Harless Family for all their work on creating a wildlife habitat and educating the public.  

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The Bird Day event was held at Brown’s North in Emigsville on Saturday, January 23rd

Educational display was set
bird day
bird day

Scopes were available for visitors
to view birds at feeders

Richard Humbert sharing his knowledge of Monarch butterflies and the importance of milkweed
bird day
bird day

Annual Bird Seed Sale on October 31, 2009

Susan Wolf of Wrightsville is the winner of the Binoculars
If you missed our last meeting on September 14, 2009 here are some photos from the program “Raptors up Close” presented by Howard and Jason Caldwell.
On May 27, 2009 Pennsylvania Audubon sponsored program planting along Willis Run in Lincoln Park with York City William Penn High School students. Additional participants are: Lower Susquehanna River Keeper, Michael Helfrich; York Audubon Society, and 4-H Wildlife Watcher’s Club. 

York Audubon Society educational display at the New Freedom Fest September 16, 2009.  Photo of Karen Lippy and visitors to display.


Annual Banquet held in May 2009

Photo of new president Tom Smith presenting certificate of appreciation to Tom Simmons for his service of being president of York Audubon Society for over 14 years.

The recipient of our 2009 Conservation Award is Mike Martin.  Mike Martin has made a comeback from previously being homeless in York.  Mike has found a way to give back in York.  His “Garden of Angels” produces vegetables and fruit which are given to others in need in York. 

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